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Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms in Japan! Coming this wonder season, here is the forecast 2019: Since Japan is a long island, if you miss the the cherry-blossom season at where you stay, basically you can simply go north to catch up but in Kansai area (Osaka/Kyoto/Nara) usually the season is slightly later than Tokyo area. No doubt that to see it is one of the best reasons to visit Japan.  Why don’t you have the lunch/dinner under Read more…

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Religion in Japan!

Religion in Japan Many of Japanese say that we are “Atheist” but not exactly.  We live with multi religions, sometimes it seems very strange from who has own religion. How do we live? The most of the people visit a Shrine or a Temple in January – New Year’s day or at least in the beginning of the month – to pray for the New Year.  In the rest of the year, when it happens Read more…


Nail art design – wedding in Japan

Nail art design – for future brides, wedding in Japan Gorgeous or Elegant nails for your Big day?   Once you have landed in Japan, you might see the ladies and girls with their fabulous nails. The quality of manicurists in Japan is top-class in the world, furthermore we cannot describe how many designs there are…never stop creating new collection!   We advise you to book the nail salon prior to your wedding day.  For Read more…

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Winter in Japan

Already in the midwinter – Winter in Japan Since Japan is a vertically long island country, the weather also differs between the north and the south. There are many snow in Hokkaido located the northernmost but Okinawa at the south is not cold. The weather is relatively calm, but depending on the location snow is also getting off so the winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are also popular. In recent years, there are Read more…

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Thank you for visiting Cuore Wedding’s website! If you are planning your Destination Wedding in Japan, Cuore Wedding assure you that this is a unique and a stunning country for both who already like Japan or those who have never been there.  We are exciting to organize your wonderful moment!