JAPAN finally reopened its borders to independent foreign travellers from October, 2022. Now we are receiving the wedding requests for Autumn 2023 and for 2024, but tourists are already coming to Japan from all over the world.

Please, however, don’t be surprised even if most Japanese still wear a mask. Many of you already know that this is quite normal that we used to use masks on various occasions.
But, little by little, we are getting back to normal.

…And, the time has come!
Are you considering getting married in Japan? Because you like its nature, its cuisine, its culture, or simply because this country is fascinating to you?

We are aware that most couples would like to have an after-dinner party but this was an issue since many of the venues don’t allow the party with loud music until late at night. We now have a lot of our “new” collaborating venues including some with dancing space.
We offer you our services based on your request!

Would you like to plan your Destination Wedding in Japan?
Tell us your dream now!


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