Nikko Sakura Golf Club

Get into the Nature, breathtaking view with a huge golf course, here at Nikko Sakura Golf Club offers an unique venue for your wedding in the middle of the Golf Course. 

Amazing hot springs inside the property and the hotel rooms allow you to stay here with commodity, we can arrange a bus or any other transfer service from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport.  The Golf course accepts a maximum of 45 groups per day, the maximum capacity of the accommodation is 80 people.  

Sample Time Schedule:

1st day:

check-in hotel in the afternoon (after 3:00pm)

Welcome party in the restaurant, Chef is one of the most famous Japanese restaurant’s ex Chef —

2nd day:

8:00am – 1st group starts to play (up to 40 groups, 20 groups from the 1st hole, the other 20 groups from the 9th hole).

11:00am – 1st group lunch – second half

3:00pm – finish all groups’ play

6:00pm – Wedding Ceremony (symbolic) in the field

6:30pm – Photo shoots

7:00pm – Aperitif time

8:00pm – Wedding Dinner (dismantling at 11.30pm)


3rd day:

Farewell play in the morning

(checking out the rooms before you start to play)

afternoon – depart from Golf Club, heading to Nikko (World Heritage) by bus