Already in the midwinter – Winter in Japan

Since Japan is a vertically long island country, the weather also differs between the north and the south. There are many snow in Hokkaido located the northernmost but Okinawa at the south is not cold.

The weather is relatively calm, but depending on the location snow is also getting off so the winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are also popular. In recent years, there are also many foreign tourists who come to Japan to do skiing and snowboarding.  The big ski resorts are already ready to welcome them as there are staffs who speak foreign languages and ski classes are also done in English or other languages.

New Year is very important in Japan, people go to see the first sunrise and go to Shrine for the first pray. It is similar to the Western countries’ Christmas season which celebrates the New Year with family members and relatives.

First Sunrise 2019


Needless to say the hot springs are famous. Particularly in cold winter, Japanese go out to hot spring resorts located all over Japan.  Please try!!


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