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Meet Our Team

Cuore Wedding is composed of a team with more than 20 years of experience in the wedding and event planning industry, not only in Japan but worldwide as well.

With unsurpassed worldwide cultural sensitivity, our team can create a World-Class Wedding for you!
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The Cuore Wedding Team


A Wedding Planner for over 25 years, she provides expert guidance in choosing the right hotels, wedding ceremony halls, restaurants of all levels, churches, town halls, and even house weddings.  She also works as a consultant for brand-new venues, Japanese wedding fashion outlets, and for a time was a full-time wedding event planning lecturer at the college in Tokyo.

Moving to Italy in 2003, she traveled throughout the country researching the best wedding venues and creating relationships with the most qualified professionals.  She established ‘Italian Weddings’ in 2004 with the motto “Japanese Expertise, Overseas”.

She currently lives in both Italy and Japan and plans unforgettable weddings in both countries for her worldwide clients.


As a fully bilingual person, his strengths lie not only in his language but also in his ability to quickly grasp the needs of clients and his resourcefulness. He has a flexible point of view and is always willing to accommodate couples.

He also has a broad knowledge of everything from sports and culture to politics and law, and he is always willing to communicate with couples.  He is known for his planning and responsiveness that puts couples at ease.

Since he always strives for perfection, there are no omissions in his planning, and his courtesy and composure allow couples to entrust their big day to him with peace of mind.


She started her career as a wedding planner in Mont-Saint-Michel, France.

Her warm personality reassures many couples, extremely helpful and work so hard to help them plan their day.  She does everything she can to accommodate every couple’s request, the quality of her service is a top class.  She is known for her meticulous attention to detail in making couples feel at ease on the day of the event!

She makes really easy for the couples to plan the wedding day and the honeymoon even with being so far away.


Isn’t a responsible person someone like her? She triple-checks everything herself, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
That’s not all. She also has a broad perspective cultivated from her extensive overseas experience (including completing a master’s program abroad) and advanced PC skills gained from her previous job.

Everyone can confidently entrust any task to her. She is a reliable presence both as back office support and as a negotiator.


Back office specialists. Our work would not be possible without her careful and meticulous work. She has a great sense of style and is very knowledgeable about flowers.

She is a behind-the-scenes help when it comes to wedding design.