Get Married in Japan!

Enjoy the beauty of Asia with a destination wedding in a unique venue with your Family and Friends!

Cuore Wedding will create an original wedding in Japan tailored specifically for you — traditional Japanese or Western. We want to create an unforgettable Big Day together with you by caring every single detail.

Let Cuore Wedding showcase the beauty of Japan for you in an unforgettable location with a 360-degree view!

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Real Japan

What a beautiful couple

With a gorgeous Japanese traditional formal attire, this couple got married in 2019! They live in Europe but decided to plan their destination wedding in Japan. Their concern was the weather…but see these umbrellas have Read more…

Religion in Japan!

Religion in Japan Many of Japanese say that we are “Atheist” but not exactly.  We live with multi religions, sometimes it seems very strange from who has own religion. How do we live? The most Read more…