Zen Buddhist Temple

The temple of Taizo-in has been beloved by people for more than 600 years.

Kyoto has long been the heart of Zen Buddhism culture in Japan. Zazen is mediation in silence and stillness. The arts of sadoh (tea ceremony) and kadoh (flower arranging) developed concurrently with and are inseparable from Zen. Zen temple cuisine, shojin ryori, goes beyond simple vegetarian cooking by incorporating the true spirit and essence of Zen. You can experience all of these aspects of Zen at Taizo-in. Surely you cannot find a more enriching experience even if you search the world over.

The religious ceremony will be held in English by the Priest. At this peace and quiet location with an amazing Japanese garden will make your wedding unforgettable. Recommended to the couples who love a real Japanese ambience.

The Zen cultural activities are also available at Taizo-in for private groups. *Reservation in advance is required.