The ceremony can be held in a shrine, in a chapel, in a restaurant, or in one of the many indoor spaces at a hotel.    Following the ceremony, enjoy the reception with your guests or if you are an elopement couple, a romantic lunch/dinner.

Tips for venue selection;

  • If you intend on coming in Japan with many guests, we suggest utilizing the hotel or an accommodation nearby that would be easy to access.  We want everyone to enjoy as much time together and not in the Japanese traffic jams!
  • If you are thinking of inviting only your family and your best friends (less than 50 guests), then we recommend you utilizing a hotel as well.  Because many might be coming to Japan for the first time, we find this option is the easiest because it allows us to offer excellent service to the guests (and even planning for a honeymoon).  Otherwise the personalized wedding at a residence or a restaurant as the entire space is only for you!
  • If you are an elopement couple, then we recommend just booking a room near the Ceremony location, which we can help facilitate.

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