Really valuable service. I thought in the very beginning if I would need a planner as Japan has a lot of package deals with hotels and I wasn’t sure where the value sat, but now I know! Everything ran so smoothly and I didn’t have to think about anything the whole time.
The fact that you fought for us each time with Hair, lights, reception location, paper plates, plastic cups, drinks, check-in times, it all turned out beautifully! 
The dance hall looked stunning!! I didn’t think they can pull it off so well but they did! 

Mr&Mrs Hag

I came back to home last night!
After the wedding, there were several rainy days, but Thanks to Cuore Wedding! We had a wonderful memory. I’m really thankful to you.
I went back to the hotel and looked back at the photos ! And you sent us the data. . I am filled with gratitude. .
I saw facebook! Everyone looks very happy with your support ☆ I think it’s hard, but it’s a very nice job!

PS. I went to the restaurant you told me! I had a pleasant time. The food and wine were so delicious!


Makeup … Based on the photos, even if I was worried, it was a nice finish than the image. She was a very friendly woman who listened to me carefully! Hair … Simple and Fantastic! He also advised me for my daily hair style, and I was able to relax just like makeup.

Photographer … A very nice couple who relaxed and excited us and took a lot of very nice photos. The location of the shooting is just an amazing place. The impressions of the people who saw our photos were also satisfied, especially the angle and composition! Nice! I was glad to say that. Unlike what you would get in a photo studio, you can feel the wonderful scenery and free atmosphere!

Lastly, all of you, who coordinated our wedding, was very careful about everything. There are no words.. everything.. hair makeup, photography, wonderful churches, wedding dinners and souvenirs… Thank you!!

Mr&Mrs Fallani

I asked Cuore Wedding as my Wedding Planner. Naturally, it was my first experience, I didn’t know where to start! I wanted the specialists for my wedding. The main reason which I chose them was their International Experience.

For my wedding the guests are all from abroad, and there were so many things I couldn’t understand by myself, I needed a planner with knowledge and experience.

Whatever I asked, they gave me a number of ideas along with the reason. I think that my knowledge of the wedding was only superficial, so even if I checked with the magazine or website, I had no idea what suited me. Their advice in such a situation was very helpful, my husband and I trusted their recommendation. Since they have a wide variety of wedding, when our paperwork for the wedding didn’t go smoothly they really helped us.

I was very happy that the flower designer introduced by them made the decorations and bouquets that I wanted more beautifully than I imagined. From a professional point of view, it is very helpful and powerful support to introduce me to a person who suits me from many vendors.

As for the table placed on the terrace that used for the reception, I am really grateful for the ideal table layout.

The location and direction of cake cutting made beautiful and gorgeous because of their advice, and it was also the birthday of groom’s mother, so we were able to celebrate her birthday together!

For the destination weddings, it is necessary the detailed attention. I think this is the strength of Cuore Wedding that can only be gained through experience in weddings in Japan and Europe. Thank you very much for supporting, who has been encouraging for us since planning!