Okayama Castle Wedding

This is a real unique wedding, most of the Japanese Castles are the Important Cultural Property so not to be allowed having a private event especially renting exclusively.  Cuore Wedding however organize the wedding in this Okayama Castle in the evening, the available time for the exclusive use is from 5:30pm to 9:30pm including set up/dismantling so the event duration time is no more than 3 hours.  In the first floor, the bride and the groom, also the guests if requested, can try the past Princess&Prince attire – very traditional kimono.

It is possible to have a light cocktail party or a wedding light dinner for up to 30 people.

The Castle was completed in 1597 after eight years of construction.  Unfortunately during the WWII the most part has been destroyed but reconstructed after the war.  

Okayama Castle Wedding is precious, able to touch a Japanese Culture surrounded by greens and fresh air.

There is an amazing Japanese garden in front of the Castle, it is one of the three most outstanding gardens in Japan, absolutely worth visiting!  Each season has its aspect; Spring of course cherry blossoms, Summer with vivid green everywhere, Autumn with thousands of colors throughout garden and Winter sometimes covered in snow, sometimes the sun streaming through the leaves of trees…….

It is possible to take pictures here inside the garden, if you wish the “Wedding Photo”, it is necessary to book in advance so please feel free to ask us!