Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Destination Wedding in Japan.

General Information

We don't speak Japanese, can we communicate with Japanese people?

Most of the hotels in the big cities, there are the English speaking staffs, as well as in the restaurants and at the stations. If in case you met people who cannot understand English, they will try to speak with gestures which is very interesting!

How long do we need to visit Japan?

We recommend at least 1 week. If your flight arrives at Tokyo, you can visit Tokyo and nearby for 3 days then take a high-speed train to Osaka or Kyoto. You will know that there are so many cities and villages to see so it is necessary to check before you are coming.

How much does it cost from Tokyo to Kyoto?

The basic fare from Tokyo to Kyoto by the high-speed train (=shinkansen) is JPY13,080, approximately USD115.00 for one way. We suggest you to purchase the Japan Rail Pass which is very convenient and less expensive than the normal ticket.

I don't like raw fish, is there any other dish which I can eat?

Of course, “sushi” and “sashimi” are the traditional Japanese food but we eat them occasionally. Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba are already famous in the other countries but there are so many other cooked dishes and you don’t have to worry about it.

When is the cherry blossoms season?

Usually in late March or early April, it also depends on the place. Please refer to this link:

When is the best season to visit Japan

Consider from every aspect, we recommend spring or autumn. Summer is very hot and humid in Japan, but if you are planning to visit in summer, don’t worry the most of the place have the air-conditioning. Winter is very cold, especially in Hokkaido, located at the north end of Japan. If you are the ski lovers, it is one of the best country.

Japan's ban on smoking

Outdoor smoking is not allowed except the specific smoking area/box, while indoor smoking bans apply to schools, public spaces, hospitals etc. as well as restaurants, cafes, hotels except the smoking room.

Wedding Information

We are interested in the photo excursion

Good idea! Honeymoon or simple travel to Japan but anything special? Plan your pre-wedding photo or honeymoon shoots in Japan with traditional Kimono!

How can we get married legally in Japan?

It takes several months to complete your paperwork, it depends on the nationality. Please ask us! If you are considering your ceremony at the Shrine or wherever venue, the marriage would be Symbolic (without legal validity). Please refer to:

We have many guests, can we manage their transportation?

We suggest you to hire the transfer service. In Japan, the trains and the subways are very easy to take and punctually, however to reduce your stress, the best way is to book the hotels near from the venue, to book the transfer or taking taxi.

I am concerned about wedding meals for guests

There are many restaurants/catering companies that can arrange the western style menus or asian cuisines. Please feel free to ask us!

Do you also organize the elopement weddings?

Of course! It is possible to hold the ceremony at Shrine, Hotel or Restaurant followed by the romantic Wedding Lunch/Dinner!

What should I do if I find a venue that Cuore Wedding is not affiliated with and I like it??

Please contact Quore Wedding first. Also, some venues may prefer to be contacted by each couple rather than us, in which case please ask if you can bring a wedding planner with you.