If any of you have already dealt directly with the wedding venue or planner, you may have a little understanding of the “rules and regulations” of weddings in Japan.
Cuore Wedding has been informing our clients about this “Japanese style”, and today we would like to touch on it a little bit here.

First, there is the bring-in fee. This fee is charged when you bring in items to the venue that are not from the venue’s affiliated suppliers. For example, a photographer, videographer, hair and makeup artist, wedding dress, etc. will incur this “bring-in fee.

As for costumes, there are some venues that do not charge for your own attire. In Japan, many brides rent their dresses, so they are told, “If you want to rent a dress, please consider “our” dress store😉.

This system is quite normal in Japan, so don’t be surprised if you are told this.

And then there is the TIME. Probably many of you think that Japanese people are punctual.
Weddings end on time. (In some areas, weddings are held for longer periods of time.). The average time is about 30 minutes for the ceremony, the reception immediately follows for two and a half hours, and then it is over. Sometimes we go straight to karaoke or drinking, but in most cases, that is moved to another venue.

And beverages. During the reception, you can usually drink as much as you want while food is being served. However, the brand and type of drinks that are decided by the bride and groom, so normally there are no outlandish items. This is called “NOMI HOUDAI” (=all you can drink) in Japanese.

We talked a little bit about Japanese weddings. See you next time!


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