Upcoming “Destination Wedding” Location – JAPAN!

Until now, “Japan” was not even in the top 30, let alone the top 10, of popular destinations and countries for Destination Weddings. Nevertheless, Japan has long been listed among the countries that people would like to visit on their overseas trips.

The image of Japan is that it is a distant country, that it is not a country that one would visit for its resorts, and above all, the language and cultural barriers of “Can we have a wedding in Japan?”.
These are the main reasons why couples didn’t choose Japan for their weddings. 

Times have changed a bit. Above all, unlike in the past, Japan is no longer a ”costly country”. Foreign exchange rates also have a significant impact.

There might be couples who would like to visit Japan or already have been there, but are worried about bringing or inviting their “guests” to Japan.

No worries at all.

“I love Japan and want our guests to see and enjoy Japan. I want to have a wedding in front of everyone in the country I love“.

That’s all you need. Leave the rest to us! We will help you choose a venue, wedding style, cuisine, flowers, and advise all the complicated rules and culture of Japan!

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