We recognize that finding a venue is one of the most challenging parts of Destination Wedding Planning. Although this is a very important first step in the process, it is so annoying that it makes your head hurt.

Here are some tips;
Choose Region or City : Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Okinawa…if you have a particular area in mind, let the Wedding planner know or search for venues using those keywords. However, there should be some flexibility with respect to regional preferences. It is also important to take into account that transfer services will be needed where public transportation is not convenient.
Choose a Venue type : Outdoor space, Indoor space, Hotel, Ballroom, Restaurant, Villa…Even if your hopes are still vague, any idea will help narrow down the options.
Prioritize what you wish to do : If you want to focus on the view, find a venue that meets that requirement. If you want to focus on the food, look at the level of cuisine and also find out if it is flexible. If budget is most important, find a venue that fits your budget.

1. Check if it is possible to hold the events at that venue.
2. Venues that conduct weddings usually have dedicated planners and package plans.
3. Package plans are often good deals, but frequently include wedding dress and other items. Check what is included and what can be left out.
4. The venue may have dedicated vendors. If you want to bring your own, you may be charged a “bring-in fee”.
5. Since most guests will be coming from far away, it is also important to know if accommodations are available.
6. Unless the venue is for exclusive use, normally the time is fixed.

Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that once this major task is completed, you have made great progress.
Then you can follow the planner’s instructions to determine the details of each and every service.

May you find a venue that you are truly happy with to make your day the best it can be. We will do our best to assist you!


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